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CURB's Virtual Blue Team with Yonkers Students

This February students from Lincoln and Saunders High Schools were invited to join CURB staff in a 4-day hands-on intensive research study of the Hudson River during winter break. In the summer, 10 students from the winter program were welcomed back to continue their research in a virtual setting as part of the Blue Team program. 

Students met weekly during a 6 week period with CURB educators with a goal of understanding and practicing different ways to analyze and communicate data. Through personal perspective, students worked on shared assignments providing interpretations of podcasts, scientific papers, and short films. These shared experiences drove team conversations and fostered a sense of community, even as we were apart in our own homes. Even without our lab, students were able to research the impacts of bacteria on the environment by growing hand microbes in petri dishes. 

Each activity and assignment supported and built upon the students ability to communicate science back to our community. At the end of the summer, the group presented their water-related outreach videos, presentations, and social media accounts to a virtual audience of water quality experts.

Please check out some of the student presentations below:

Enterococcus Information Pamphlet – Norah & Annly

School’s Response to Unsafe Lead Levels in Water – Briana & Katherine

Save Water – Augusto & Jasmine

CSO & Water – Kelsie & Ledia

Water Pollution – Lissa & Ziah