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Teaching the Environment: Activity Guide


A New Resource for Teachers and Educators

In collaboration with the Sarah Lawrence College Child Development Institute, CURB is sharing a new resource for teachers and educators! 

Teaching the Environment: Activity Guide is a compilation of lessons to support teachers and educators in incorporating the outdoor environment, particularly the Hudson River and surrounding watersheds, into their practice. We hope that this guide can support educators in incorporating place-based education in their science and social studies curricula. Follow this guide in sequence of themes, or choose any lesson that supports your current curricula What does the guide include?
  • Lessons authored by environmental organizations including CURB, Watershed Agricultural Council, Groundwork Hudson Valley and more! 
  • 3- dimensional components of the Next Generation Science Standards 
  • High school appropriate lessons include NGSS performance expectations
  • Suggestions for modifications under the Universal Design Learning Framework 
  • Suggested objectives for English Language Learners 
  • Additional resources such as videos, worksheets and datasets 


Introductory Video


Download the Guide here

This resource was possible with the funding of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Hudson River Estuary Program.