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Hudson River Ecology Curriculum

A Curriculum for High School Students

The goal of the Hudson River Ecology Curriculum is twofold: to create a framework for the Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak (SLC CURB) to run a college-level Ecology course for High School students each summer at the Center, and also to provide a curriculum for teachers who want to incorporate local ecology into their lessons. While many of the lessons revolve around in-person activities at CURB through the lens of the Hudson River Estuary and Watershed, we offer classroom alternatives wherever possible. However, we are always happy to host field trips at CURB if that is something your class will be able to do!

Each of the lessons follows a 5-E model, which centers student learning and engagement. The 5 Es stand for Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Some lessons also have a 6th E, Extension. Each lesson includes notes for teachers to help think about how to incorporate the lessons into a classroom model, as well as New York State Science Standards, Vocabulary needed, a materials list, estimated timing, and any necessary resources.

This curriculum is devised to be used as a whole set, or to pick and choose lessons piecemeal to fit into a standing curriculum. There may even be specific activities within lessons that can be chosen as a one-off lesson for teachers to use with their class. The ecological theme of each lesson is described before the lesson title to help figure out where it can fit in.

We encourage questions and suggestions to help continue to improve our curriculum and lessons! Please get in touch with Christina Edsall, Director of Education, at, or Katie Lamboy, Science Coordinator & Environmental Educator, at

Download the Hudson River Ecology Curriculum