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"Catch of the Day" Seining Program

What is seining?

Beach seining involves dragging a large 30 foot seine net with two poles on each end through the water to catch various Hudson River species. We provide chest waders for all the participants to keep dry while assisting our educators with dragging the seine net. The participants will have the opportunity to have hands-on interaction with the animals caught including blue crabs, striped bass, American eels, shrimp and more! All species will be recorded to our daily tally sheet and a copy will be given to the teacher at the end of the program. In addition to seining, the participants engage in a scavenger hunt where they look for items along the beach and in the marsh.

***Supervisors and chaperones are required to help the children in and out of the waders and to monitor the children near the rocks and water's edge. 

Please Note:                 

Because the seining program is scheduled around the tide, it is imperative that your group arrives promptly. Late arrival limits the time your group can spend seining in the river. Please have the participants arranged in groups of two prior to the arrival; this will save time and help the program run smoothly.  

Recommended Attire/ Inclement Weather Policy:

Please ensure that the children wear footwear appropriate for stepping on rocks or possibly getting wet. We recommend wearing or bringing SOCKS, which make wearing the waders more comfortable, and sneakers. The educators conduct outdoor programs rain or shine. In the event that extreme weather (heavy rain, severe thunder and or lightning, etc.) interrupts the program we will continue the program indoors. Therefore, we also ask that the children, teachers and chaperones be dressed appropriately for all weather conditions.