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Virtual Programs

See below for free, prepared virtual contentLive virtual field trip additions with an educator have a cost of $75-$150 depending on timing

  • Hudson River Start to Finish (all ages) - Use these videos of our Estuary Model to teach your students estuarine literacy, including geography, basic brackish water information, and pollution and human impacts.
  • Water Quality Testing (high school) - Use these  demonstration videos of how we test certain water parameters, and why this data is important 

 Other Virtual Field Trip Options 

  • Animal Adaptations (3rd grade and up, 45 minutes)
    • Learn about some of the animals that live in and on the Hudson River, and how they’ve evolved adaptations over time to help them survive. We will showcase both living and preserved specimens on camera to review with your students
  • Fish Identification (4th grade and up, 45 minutes)
    • Learn about fish anatomy and the way scientists use that knowledge to help identify different species that we find in the river. Work with an educator to identify some species in real time! 
  • Solving Water Quality Puzzles with Data Literacy  (high school, 45 minutes)
    • Learn about water quality testing on the Hudson River, and how scientists use real data to tell stories and solve puzzles about changes that we’re seeing in the River

Booking your program


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