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CURB Hosts the Great Hudson River Estuary Fish Count in Yonkers

Staff from CURB and the NYSDEC hosted around 20 participants for the Great Hudson River Estuary Fish Count in Yonkers. CURB was one of 11 sampling sites, with other locations throughout the Hudson River Estuary. This annual event focuses on collecting, counting, and cataloging fish in order to get a snapshot of their populations in the river.

Participants at our site got into waders and helped us drag a 30-foot seine net to catch the fish. We completed 10 seines and caught a total of 80 Atlantic silversides, 6 blue crabs, 1 mummichog, 1 striped bass, and 5 white perch. In addition to the seining, we also collected and processed water samples for our eDNA project. It was a great day of hands-on research for all!

Check out a video of our catch here:

For more information about the event: