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A Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observation System (HRECOS) is owned and managed by CURB and is part of a state network of over a dozen such stations from Albany to NYC. The system, installed at the Groundwork Hudson Valley Science Barge, tracks real-time river parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and turbidity, creating a long-term baseline data set for additional study and analysis.

The system utilizes a YSI Exo2 multiparameter sonde which is deployed in the river at a depth of about one meter. The sonde is housed in a perforated PVC pipe that is strapped to the side of the barge, and is in the river 24/7 except for routine cleaning and maintenance. Data points are recorded every 15 minutes and logged via a Campbell Scientific data-logger and transmitted wirelessly over a Sierra Wireless AirLink modem.

Current conditions can be seen below. Please note that you can click on the tab for each parameter. 

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