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CURB Wants to Hear Your Nature Story!

Nature is a powerful force. The role it plays in our lives is abundant, though it is often overlooked. This is particularly true for urban populations, where the street trees, farmers markets, city parks and pigeons are not as valued as the “nature” portrayed in national parks or rural areas. Nonetheless, the dynamic between humans and nature is complex and ever changing.

CURB in collaboration with a Sarah Lawrence intern and faculty, has developed a project to amplify personal experiences with the environment, whether it be about water, nature, food, or climate change. Exposure to other people’s relations with the environment may remind us of our own stories, prompting a sense of interconnectedness and community via the natural world.

Have you ever witnessed a tree on your street change colors?

Have you ever been outside in the rain?

Have you ever experienced a storm or a flood? 

Do you have a creative story told through the perspective of a plant or animal?

We want to hear your story. In whatever format you wish to tell it in (fiction or nonfiction story, poem, audio, art, etc.), we here at CURB value your voice and want to tell it to the world.

As we collect stories, CURB staff will display them for visitors to see and feel inspired to pay more attention to their immediate environment and its powerful role in all of our lives.

How do I submit a story?

You can choose to submit a:
  • Written Story
  • Audio Story
  • Photo
  • Art Piece
  • Video

If you would like to submit, please visit

This digital story collection will culminate in a storytelling event on Earth Day, 2023. “Your nature, our environment: shared stories”.