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Earth Day Storytelling Event

​"Your Nature, Our Environment: Shared Stories'' will be held on Earth Day, April 22nd. This storytelling and community-building event is for those who want to share their experiences and stories with nature, or just come to listen! 

Actress Marilyn Torres, who's on-screen credits include Maid in Manhattan, The King of Staten Island, and Daredevil will emcee the event.

Curtis Zunigha, co-director of The Lenape Center in New York City and enrolled member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians in Oklahoma, will be featured as our keynote speaker. 

To participate as a storyteller, prepare a maximum five-minute story about water, nature, or climate change. The story could be about the time when you realized your favorite tree had fallen over in a storm. The feeling of being outside in the rain. The interaction you had with a praying mantis that one day. The story could be in any format (poem, short story, song, fiction, etc.). Volunteer readers will be selected by pulling names from a hat.

Have small children?  The Sarah Lawrence College Child Development Institute will also be hosting a Community Adventure Play Experience (CAPE)!**

We will also be sharing our stories that are being collected digitally. If you would like to submit a digital story, please visit

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Members of the public can register here.

Members of the Sarah Lawrence Community may register here

**A CAPE provides children opportunities to create their own play experiences using loose parts such as cardboard boxes, wood, tires, fabric, and other recycled materials collected from the community. The emphasis is on the importance of free play in the life of the child. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and the materials to collaborate and test out ideas. Through unstructured free play, cardboard boxes become tunnels, club houses, bird houses, and armor. Sticks, strings, and cardboard tubes become pulleys to test out laws of physics or dream catchers to catch the dreams and the imagination of the child.