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CURB Winter Seining Results

With us now moving into the heart of spring, it’s a great time to look back on our first year of winter seining. Our typical seining season runs from late April through early November, but CURB staff was curious to see what might be out in the river during the colder months. With this is mind we braved the cold, and at times icy water to seine the Hudson.

We weren’t sure of what to expect, and if we would even catch anything given the colder water. We seined on 10 days spread throughout November 21st to March 28th. To our surprise we had catches on 7 out of 10 of these days, with our peak month being December. The breakdown of our catch is as follows: 25 striped bass, 17 shrimp, 16 Atlantic silversides, 4 Atlantic menhaden, 4 comb jelly, 4 mummichog, 3 moon jelly, 1 soft shell clam, 1 fathead minnow, 1 three-spined stickleback. The fathead minnow and three-spined stickleback were both first-time catches for our location. In all we caught a total of 76 animals during our 10 days of seining with each day consisting of 6 pulls of the net.

Water temperatures during our seines ranged from a peak of 50 degrees in November to a low of 33.9 degrees in January. We didn’t catch anything on the days where water temperatures were in the 30’s.