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CURB Upgrades Turtle Aquariums

Thanks to a generous donation from CURB supportor Sandy Rooney, we were recently able to upgrade our turtle aquariums. Ms. Rooney donated a 120 gallon aquarium and stand that is now being used to house "Chip" our diamondback terrapin. This also allowed us to shift some our smaller turtles into larger tanks so they will be comfortable as they continue to grow. 

CURB is currently home to 9 rescue turtles, including 5 red-eared sliders, 3 snapping turtles, and 1 diamondback terrapin. In addition, we have several brackish water tanks which contain Hudson River fish species that are featured during our educational programs. We plan on adding a small jellyfish tank this spring.

We hope you'll stop by CURB to check out our Hudson River friends!