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CURB Hosts Student Interns as part of the Intensive Semester in Yonkers Program

This fall CURB has had the pleasure of welcoming 2 Sarah Lawrence College student interns to our team as part of the 2018 Intensive Semester in Yonkers (ISY) program. Emmamazy Prior and Sunny Liu have been with us since the start of the semester, becoming quickly integrated into our busy schedule of school group visits. The ISY program, which is organized by the College’s Office of Community Partnerships and Service Learning, is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Participating students earn 15 credits through classroom experience and work with local agencies. The theme of this year’s program is “A Sense of Place: Community Action, Filmmaking, and Writing.” Faculty members Robin Starbuck, Kim Ferguson, and Una Chung are leading the courses.

Both Emma and Sunny came into the program with an interest in working with children, as well as in the outdoors, but never quite experienced taking children into the Hudson River for seining. Yet, they were very quick to become comfortable in this challenging setting and have been a huge help during our school visits.

When asked about their experiences so far in the program, as well as what has surprised them, a few things stood out. For one, they took note of the children’s reactions to the fish caught during our programs, and how after some trepidation, the participants get right in there and are excited to handle our catch. They also have been surprised by the biodiversity of the Hudson River, and are interested in the data that we are collecting. Both have enjoyed getting to know the downtown community, and are interested in continuing to explore the area through their coursework.

As Emma and Sunny finish out their semester, they are especially focused on assisting CURB with its outreach to the campus and Yonkers community. We are appreciative of all of their help so far this semester and look forward to continuing to work with them over the next few weeks. More information on the Intensive Semester in Yonkers program may be found here.