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Hudson River Ecology Pre-College Course Registration is Live!

Come join us at CURB for an introductory Hudson RIver ecology course. Students have the option of taking this course for 1 transferable college credit.

This course is geared towards upper classes in high school, first-year undergraduate students, or anyone interested in learning more about the Hudson River. Students will explore concepts such as local geography, water quality, organism relationships, populations, aquatic habitats, and human impacts. In conjunction with the concepts, students will engage in outdoor and laboratory data collection, such as sediment surveying, plankton collection, fish identification, and bacteria monitoring.

Students are also introduced to various environmental-oriented careers to give them more insight into the realm of green careers.

Morning portions of the course will happen at CURB and entail a mixture of lectures, group work, and individual data collection. The evening portion of the course students do remotely on our course page.

Learn more about tuition and registering here: 

In person sessions: 

July 15–19, 2024
9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Asynchronous sessions: 

Every evening from July 15 - 18