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American Eel Migration Project Update: Bountiful Season is Starting to Wind Down

CURB is in the homestretch of the DEC's American Eel Migration Project, with about 3 weeks remaining in the sampling season. What has been a record setting season for our sampling site in Yonkers is finally showing signs of slowing down. We have counted 2,758 glass eels through 5/8. This covers the first 10 weeks of the project. To put this number into perspective, the most eels that we have ever caught in an entire 13 week season is 1,264 in 2018.

The last couple of weeks have seen a steady decline in counts which is expected since this season got off to an early start. The mild winter resulted in warmer water temperatures which got the eels moving into the Hudson River by early March. We generally see a peak migration that lasts about 6 - 8 weeks, with lower counts before and after. We'll likely continue to see some eels from time to time over the next few weeks until we remove the net on 5/28. 

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Here are our eel counts as of 5/8:


Our seasonal running total:


All of our current data, as well as data going back to the 2013 season, may be found on the eel page of this website.

We thank all of our volunteers for their continued help throughout the season, often in less than ideal weather conditions!