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CURB's Jason Muller Speaks at Columbia University

Recently CURB's Outreach Coordinator Jason Muller presented a lecture at Columbia University's Pollution and Water Resources Seminar. The topic was "Exploring the Biodiversity of the Lower Hudson River through Seining and Eel Data," taking a look at 13 years of data collected during our seining programs. 

This past winter Jason went through the Beczak archives to compile seining data dating back to 2005. This data was checked, cleaned up, and placed into spreadsheets now available for public usage. During the lecture Jason discussed the data, paying special attention to any trends seen over the years as well as looking into factors that could impact the future biodiversity of the Hudson River.

In addition to the seining data, the lecture checked in on our work with the DEC’s American eel migration study. Data for this project, as well as the archived seining data, are all available on our website. Thanks to Columbia University for the opportunity to share the results of our research!