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Amplifying Underrepresented Voices of the Hudson River Valley: Increasing the Representation of People of Color in the Outdoors

Chevaughn (Chev) Dixon, a Jamaican sea kayaker and outdoor enthusiast, is “paddling” his way to increase representation of people of color in the outdoors. Upon moving to America, Chev realized that there were many barriers to entry for people of color in the outdoors. 

This became even more evident when he joined the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club at age 18. Chev was able to see and understand the disparities in how marginalized groups were treated in comparison to their white counterparts, specifically in kayaking and paddlesports, which were and still are lacking diversity.

Chev created a relationship with members of the Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club (YPRC), located right next door to CURB. (YPRC and CURB often collaborate during summer community events!) In building this relationship, Chev and key members of the YPRC have worked to expand outdoor access to Black and Latine Youth in Yonkers. 

A formal program now exists, the Hudson River Riders, which offers free kayaking and paddleboarding experiences for anyone in the community. During these winter months, they have expanded their programming to offer hiking and running events. We welcome any of the youth that have worked with CURB to attend these programs! 

Director of the Hudson River Riders, Chev aims to increase access to paddlesports and other outdoor activities to underserved communities, “one paddle, one walk, one run, one meditation at a time.”

CURB and Chev plan on including seining experiences within Hudson River Riders programming. Check out Chev’s Instagram for more information to stay up to date with his latest adventures. Make sure to follow Hudson River Rider’s Instagram for program updates!