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Educational Resources from CURB

Dear teachers,

CURB staff has been busy re-imagining our programs for usage in the virtual classroom. While taking a trip down to the river may not be possible during these current times, we hope to continue to collaborate with you remotely this school year. Our programs can be tailored to fit your needs, and we would love to discuss the various possibilities with you. For more information, please contact Director of Education Eli Caref at

In the meantime, if you’re interested in some fun activities for your students (or children), we encourage you to browse through our comprehensive list of remote resources. We have lesson sets available for a wide range of ages on the Hudson River Food Web, properties of water, Estuarine features, and research using our historic seining data.

We’ve also been keeping our eyes on other great resources from organizations that we love, and you can check out some of these links below. In addition, make sure to visit our full listing of partner resources.

CURB's YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube page for various educational videos and short lessons.

Favorite Activities from Partner Organizations

Log your water use with BioBus Scientists: 


Water use diary: 

Monitor bacteria in your home with Hudson River Park: 


Results worksheet:

Find more lessons and activities with this searchable resource from the Hudson River Foundation:

Lesson Set: Hudson River Food Web

CURB educators have been working on a multi-faceted lesson set surrounding the Hudson River Food Web. This lesson can have anywhere from one to three parts, depending on how deep you want to go with your students. The first part is a recorded PowerPoint presentation, with an educator from CURB introducing the Hudson River in general, and the Hudson River food web more specifically at the end. The second part is this lesson, which is presented in a 5E format, the teacher version of which is here and the student version at this link. This lesson builds on the lecture from the PowerPoint and adds a variety of student activities. There is also a set of Food Web Information Cards that will help students complete their activities for this lesson. The third part of the lesson is set up as a game through a PowerPoint presentation. It can be done over the internet with the teacher and students playing together, or sent to students to do independently. These lessons are appropriate for students in 4th grade and up. There are some extension activities at various parts throughout the 5E lesson.

Lab: Exploring the Estuary in Your Kitchen

With this original resource from CURB, you can study the properties of water at home with our retrofitted lab Exploring the Estuary in your Kitchen, to help your students conduct a scientific investigation in their freezers. This lab can be used for students mostly independently from 3rd grade and up, or with help for younger learners.

*Spanish Version - Explorando el estuario en tu cocina

Video & Worksheets: Hudson River Estuary Model

Next, you can use this ~12 minute video explaining brackish water, tides, and pollution in our watershed on our Hudson River Estuary model: SLC CURB Estuary Model. In addition to the video itself, we have created worksheets that can be used in conjunction with this video for a variety of grade levels: lower elementary, upper elementary, middle, and high school. There is one vocabulary list for everyone, and we also made an answer key for your reference, complete with NYS science standard alignments.

For older students, you can then add on this lab to help students come up with research questions based on the data we’ve collected that is already available on our website. Check that out here: Research the Hudson River.

Professional Development: Place-based Education while Sheltering in Place

In preparation for Earth Day, Eli Caref partnered with Mercy College to run a 1-hour remote professional development session called Place-based Education while Sheltering in Place (access password: k6^#5@Fg ).

Video Series: Meet the Animals
Take a virtual trip into CURB's aquarium to meet and learn about the various fish and turtles found in the Hudson River. Videos will continue to be added throughout the summer. Check out our YouTube page for more:

From Eels to Estuaries: Virtual Learning with CURB

Join Sarah Lawrence College student Elle Aversa as she presents various environmentally-themed lessons, experiments, and crafts.

Resource list last updated on 1/11/2021.